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Our Story

The universe constantly communicates with us. Understanding the ‘language’ that emanates from the surrounding nature is limited to a select few. Although subtle in nature, directions from the cosmos can be extremely significant at times, for they illuminate a path for living. Without a doubt, therefore, celestial configurations are capable of influencing a multitude of facets of our existence.

In the truest sense, various remedial measures including mantra recitation, reading, making donations, performing natural yet scientific rituals, and meditation facilitate our connection with the universe.

Nirmanee, named after Goddess Radha - reveals the highest form of nature;  to create and multiply the goodness of love hidden behind every creation of ours. We, as a team, work on the fundamentals to prepare products signifying the ultimate purity. Every product and remedy is backed by thorough scientific research. We strive to blend knowledge, art, and science in one small frame. 

Nirmanee was born with a mission to popularize holistic living coupled with traditional Indian wisdom. With pioneering oils, hand-crafted and sustainable products of utility made from natural ingredients, Nirmanee's focus is on promoting good health and timeless beauty. It is one of Nirmanee's core values to educate everybody to tap into universal energies that enrich and empower the natural way.

Our Story

From soil to soul

Nirmanee has sought to revive crafts that emerge from the Indian soil backed by simple traditions to life, combining them with a contemporary feel and practical design that endears the soul.


We wish to be instrumental in helping people discover true happiness in their own roots.

From soil to soul

Traditions & Craftsmanship

Nirmanee offers traditional lifestyle products created by talented artisans from across India by  understanding the rich Indian sense of aesthetics and current trends.


We aim to translate our priceless heritage into unique products specially hand-crafted to suit individuals in present times.

Traditional values

Giving back to society

Nirmanee comes from a space of deep rooted values and believes in the moral responsibility to give back to sons of the soil. A portion from every sale goes towards noble causes such as:


  • Craft communities of diminishing or
    lesser known crafts

  • Education to children of marginalized communities​

  • Medical assistance (For example, leprosy patients at Dr Vikas Amte’s Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora)

  • Feeding of neglected stray animals or feeding cows

  • Financial aid to RK Missions so that they continue providing free healthcare to the needful

Meet the Team


Nidhi found her calling after she started interacting with masses through exhibitions in the 2000s. She then began her journey to revive art and craft through the traditional teachings. Support from the media on the eve of international women's year in the year 2001 was just the trigger that she needed. She then publicized her love for teaching sustainable art and craft amongst authentic lovers of earthy,  herbal, organic and universal energy lovers. Domestic, personal and wellness items were created in all four corners of India with hand written shlokas and stories that portrayed the history of that form of art.Thus, Nirmanee was created!

She is now busy transferring her knowledge of herbs, genetics into her Nirmanee products. An avid reader and a student of respected professors famous for indic knowledge,  her dedication and sincerity are the two pillars of her success.


She still considers herself a student and continues to be associated with various social causes.

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