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Do you know that it takes 150 saffron flowers to produce 1 gram of dry saffron strands?


Not only this, it takes 370-470 hours of labour to produce 1 kilogram of kesar threads. Additionally, saffron cannot be produced without human intervention. The seeds produced by its flower are sterile, making pollination impossible.


Our kesar is coming to you directly from Pampore, a town 15 kms from Srinagar, which has earned the title of Kashmir’s “saffron town” for producing one of the world’s highest grades of saffron.


As you can thus imagine, it has taken a lot of hard work for this precious spice to reach from the soil of Kashmir to your soul.

Kashmiri Kesar/ Saffron (1 gram)

₹550.00 Regular Price
₹440.00Sale Price
    • Kesar forms the backbone of several beverages/ dishes like thandai, biryani, kulfi, etc. Several cuisines around the world use saffron for its distinguished flavour, aroma and colour.
    • It balances the “Vata-Pitta” and Kapha doshas in our body.
    • Anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties help in boosting immunity.
    • Research suggests that the carotenoid compounds responsible for saffron's striking colour could play a part in inhibiting the growth of tumours.
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