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Our seers have coded benefits of different plants by giving them perfect names. One such example is "Ghrit Kumari" which takes the name of Aloe Vera. Ghrit essentially translates into "gel/mixture extracted out of a plant", hence the self explanatory advantages.


We salute the Ayurveda acharyas who helped us decode the science behind this plant and sincerely hope to share its benefits with our Nirmanee family.

Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel (100 gms)

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹280.00Sale Price
    • For skin: Being rich in Vitamin E and B carotene, the gel acts as an anti-ageing agent besides nourishing the skin.
    • For hair: The well known 'Keratin' treatment includes primary proteins with small amounts of O2, various acids, H2 and N2, aloe Vera is very close to this formula. It not only rejuvenates the hair but also provides more elasticity, hence preventing breakage.
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